Chaul End and Downside takes its responsibilities seriously to ensure the safety and well being of all of our children and families. We work closely with other professionals to identify and report any concerns. 


All staff, whether paid, volunteers or students are rigorously vetted and monitored. All have DBS clearance and students are interviewed prior to commencing with us and are also checked by the schools/colleges prior to thier initial placement request. 


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in the setting. This applies to staff as well as parents, service providers and trade persons. All mobiles are locked up in the office on arrival and are given back on departure. All mobile phone calls must be made off the premises. 

                                              Security Cameras

We have CCTV in both Chaul End and Downside, which enables us to view staff and children's safety at all times. 


Entry Buzzer

Chaul End has a entry buzzer system to ensure all those who enter the building have been acknowledged and checked in where appropriate. 

Downside gates are locked at all times during session hours, they are only open at the beginning of the session and at the end. During session the gates are locked and are opened for people who have permission to come into the pre-school.

Children's Attendance Register

This is checked on a daily basis and any unauthorised absences are recorded and a home visit is carried out to ensure the well-being of the child. 


Child Collection

No child would be released to any adult who is not on the named collection form. Parents need to call and inform us of the person who is coming to collect the child. Under no circumstances will we allow anyone under 16 to collect a child.


Children's Well Being 

There may be times where concerns are raised in view of a child's well-being. This may be connected to neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence. These instances are taken seriously and the appropriate services would be informed/ actions taken. 


"Staff's excellent knowledge and skilful implementation of safeguarding procedures help to make sure that all children are protected from harm."

Ofsted Inspection Report 2016



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