Attached are some additional resources put together by the SENS team to support children and parents at home, which we thought you might find helpful.  Please also look at the other 3 news stories for more information.




When we are worried we often breathe faster (Hyperventilating).  Help your child (and you!) to make a 'Breathing Buddy' to help take a few deep breathes to help calming. 



What you need:

Paper or disposable cup, scissors, glue and cello tape, coloured pens, tissue or other thin paper, perhaps baking paper?







Cup with a hole in the bottom of the cup.  You may need an adult to help with this.




Decorate your cup with ears, nose, eyes and a tail.







If you are lucky to have googly eyes, you could use them!









3. Cut some strips of paper and stick them around the inside edge of the cup with glue or tape.  Let the glue dry. 

4. Put the cup to your mouth.  Inhale through your nose and blow out of your mouth through the cup slowly watching your breath making the paper flutter.  Try this three times, then pause....... How do you feel inside?


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