Roles and responsibilities of all staff at Downside children’s Pre- school & Chaul End Nursery:

Childcare Practitioners provide safe caring supervision, for all young children. They engage children in age-appropriate play activities, plan lessons, organise outings and teach social skills such as discipline and personal hygiene. Our main purpose is to help build a proactive member of staff who provides a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment in which babies and young children are supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential, and to offer full and practical support in the day to day running of the Nursery/ Pre-school.


Children and Education 

Below is a list of tasks and responsibilities that you are obliged to fulfil in your role as a Childcare Practitioner: 

  Provide high standards of quality within the Pre- School including the environment, resources and experiences offered to children.

    Observe, support and extend children’s learning.

   Plan appropriately for children using the Early years Foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum for guidance.

 Maintain accurate and effective children’s records.
    Work in partnership with parents/ carers and other family members.

    Demonstrate good practice with regard to special needs and inclusion.

    Ensure that children are kept safe and that staff understand, and when necessary follow, child protection procedures. 
    Ensure that the nutritional needs of the children are met and that the food safety Regulations are complied with.

    Work with areas of SENCOs, EYFS Advisors, Health Professionals and local Sure start Programmes as appropriate.

    Comply with the statutory framework for EYFS, including the Children Act 1989 and 2004.

    Develop and maintain highly professional working relationships with advisory teachers, schools, areas of SENCOs and other agencies that may visit the Pre- School.

    Learn about current developments in childcare and education policy and practice

    Be a key person carrying out all related responsibilities in building relationships with a small group of children and their families.




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