Applying for a position at one of our settings.

We believe that stability of staff is vital for quality and successful childcare, which in turn enhances our reputation. We have staff members who have worked with us for almost as long as the nursery has been opened and we believe this is due to the environment we have created.

Our staff members are encouraged and supported in developing their careers as far as they wish to take them and the open environment we have created in our setting supports staff in balancing their work and home lives.

In the same way that we are looking for great staff to join our team, candidates who apply for positions at our nursery are also looking for a setting where they can develop their careers. We can promise that successful candidates will find we are very supportive of our staff and encourage reflective practice and self improvement.

If you’re thinking of applying for a position here at the Chaul End Nursery or Downside Pre-school, please consider the following which might help your application:

Think of what type of position you would like here, either its full-time, part-time or term time only.

We do require you to have a level 3 qualification or above in order to be successful with your application.

If you have worked in other nurseries in the past, we will need to collect references from them if you are short listed.

We would also need to perform some pre employment checks such as DBS, Identity check, personal references, and qualification check as appropriate. 

Once we have received your application and are happy, we will short list you and call you in for an interview. Our interviews are very relaxed and designed to make you feel comfortable. We will need to understand your level of skills and expertise in childcare.

You will be contacted before the interview to prepare and bring with you a short activity of your choice to carry out with a small group of children, two members of our senior staff will observe you through this activity.

We will contact you if your interview was successful, and give a date to start with us. 

Good Luck!

Please have a look below for our current vacancies, these vacancies may also be advertised in your local newspaper.



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